Custom Closet and Storage Systems

It's time to trash the wire and plywood shelving and organize with some style.

We can design a storage system that maximizes your space, is easy to clean, and fits your style and color scheme. 


closet storage

Double-hanging, adjustable shelving, integrated drawers, and long garment hanging are all the essentials for effective closet storage. We can take it a few steps further with built-in hampers, tie and belt racks, pant racks, and a myriad of other functional storage options. 

Pantry Storage

Adjustable shelving, rollout trays, vegetable and potato bins are all essential for effective use of your walk-in or reach-in pantry. For larger pantries, we can integrate small appliance storage, wine fridges, compact or full-size fridges and freezers. Whatever your needs, we can integrate those solutions into your design. 

pantry storage.jpg


Garage & other room storage

Large garages typically come with large amounts of extra stuff! We can help you wrangle it all into a neat package and put those things you only need once a year out of sight until it's time to pull them out.

In addition to garages, we can also create office work-stations, laundry room storage, and hobby rooms using our custom storage systems.